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2012 Festival Talent Search Results


Overall Junior
Judah Kelly                            Mackay


Overall Juvenile
Phoebe Foster Griffith


Overall Adult
Allan Sinclair                        Townsville


Juvenile Encouragement Award     Levi Murakami        



Junior Encouragement Award        Bridgette Hill           

Yalbaroo ( Whitsunday Area )


Spirit of the Festival Award             Veronica Barratt     



Section Results


Adult Aust. Bush Ballad     1. Lynda Knuth          T'ville

                                                             2. Chervaun Herring   T' ville

                                                             3. Megan Morris         T'ville


Juvenile Vocal                         1. Kasey O'Donoghue  Charters Towers

                                                            2. Macey Bennett          T'ville

                                                            3. Harley Hammer         T'ville


 Peewee                                          1. Jade Donovan           T'ville

                                                            2. Karlee Searle           Charters Tower

                                                            3. Brooklyn Klein           T'ville


Junior Bush Ballad              1.Katelyn O'Donoghue   Charters Towers

                                                            2. Judah Kelly                Mackay

                                                            3. Liam O'Donoghue       Charters Towers


Female Vocal                            1. Noleen Smith              T'ville

                                                           2. Lana Allen                  T'ville

                                                           3. Anita Donovan           T'ville


Juvenile Bush Ballad         1. Oliver Carter Beck      Mackay

                                                           2. Jolene Ross               Mareeba

                                                           3. Kasey O'Donoghue    Charters Towers


Junior Vocal                             1. Katelyn O' Donoghue   Charters Towers

                                                           2. Liam O'Donoghue         Charters Towers

                                                           3. Judah Kelly                   Mackay


Male Vocal                                 1. Allan Sinclair                 T'ville

                                                           2. Alan Boatfield                T'ville

                                                           3. Toko Whatuira              Charters Towers


Anything But Country     1. Anita Donovan               T'ville

                                                          2. Judah Kelly                     Mackay

                                                          3. Kelly Noxx                      T'ville


Juvenile Country Rock   1. Kasey O'Donoghue         Charters Towers

                                                          2. Oliver Carter Beck           Mackay

                                                          3. Harley Hammer                T'ville


Junior Country Rock       1. Judah Kelly                     Mackay

                                                         2. Liam O'Donoghue          Charters Toiwers

                                                         3. Katelyn O 'Donoghue     Charters Towers


Adult Country Rock         1. Noeleen Smith                 T'ville

                                                        2. Allan Sinclair                   T'ville

                                                         3. Anita Donovan                T'ville


Adult Gospel                         1. Noeleen Smith                T'ville

                                                       2. Anita Donovan                T'ville

                                                       3 Lynda Knuth                     T'ville


Open Country Vocal  Duo

                                                       1. Just Add Harmony         Ch.Towers

                                                       2. Michelle & Kerrilee           T'ville

                                                       3. Lynal                                T'ville


Open Golden Oldies         1. Lynda Knuth                      T'ville

                                                       2. Bev Davis                        Thursday Is.

                                                       3. Brian Gallaway                  Aligator Creek


Juvenile Gospel                1. Phoebe Foster Griffith       T'ville

                                                     2. Oliver Carter Beck               Mackay

                                                     3. Jolene Ross                        Mareeba


Junior Gospel                   1. Katelyn O'Donoghue          Charters Towers

                                                    2. Judah Kelly                         Mackay

                                                    3.  Sammy White                    T'ville